It's hard to say goodbye
When it feels I've just begun
To be the self  I've always been
From which I'd always run
I'm not sure what you've done for me
Or how you did it, either
I doubted my own soul before,
	but now I'm a believer.
I know that I will miss you
And that you will miss me too     
But remember there will always be
A place in my heart for you

Thank you so much for being in my life 
Through all the joy and tears and strife
You argue you've done nothing, 
	but boy you sure are wrong:
You showed me my own heart and soul
And gave them back their song.
Love always,
To save someone from their own lost hope
Is the greatest gift to give     
You pulled me from that dark despair
And taught me how to live
And now it's time for me to leave     
Using all the things you've shown     
But it's hard to think I'm going out
Into the real world on my own   
I tried to write a poem for you
But my heart got in the way
Obscured and made poor fragments of
The things I had to say
for sara
	with love from scarycat...